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Metal Photo Prints

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8'' x 8'' $ 55.00 $ 20.00
8'' x 12'' $ 65.00 $ 30.00
12'' x 16'' $ 75.00 $ 35.00
16'' x 20'' $ 170.00 $ 60.00
20'' x 20'' $ 169.00 $ 73.00
12'' x 36'' $ 180.00 $ 85.00
30'' x 30'' $ 240.00 $ 140.00
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Metal Prints: Your Photos Transformed

  • Metal photo prints complete view
  • Metal photo print detail view
  • metal photo print in room view

Our Metal Prints see your photos reproduced on an aluminum composite panel with a lightweight core. Slender yet impressively durable, these elegant aluminum prints will satisfy anybody seeking truly exceptional photo wall art.

Aluminum Prints: Fusing Elegance and Durability

  • Impressive aluminum composite
  • Solvent-free direct printing
  • Lasting radiance with UV resistance
  • Low-weight polyethylene core
  • Exquisite premium elegance

Strength and Elegance: Aluminum Prints

Make a Statement with Our Metal Prints

Our aluminum print is a mainstay of our premium range. We reproduce your photo directly onto a metal composite panel. The elegant panel comprises two ultra-slim aluminum sheets around a lightweight black polyethylene core. The result? A simply stunning wall art feature.

Aluminum Prints with Classic Matte Finish

Your photo is faithfully rendered as a direct print with a timeless matte finish. Not only does the metal photo print exude sophistication, it also offers superb resistance to humidity, so you can display it proudly in spaces like the kitchen or bathroom.

Ideal for Modern Design Schemes

The aluminum print's bold physical presence is balanced by a sleek, slimline construction. With exposed black-and-silver edges on the metal composite, it adds a touch of glamour to your interior decor. Add our hanging system to your order and it will stay discreetly hidden behind your print.

Durable Aluminum Photo Prints

Crafted with exacting precision and made using only the finest materials, your aluminum print gives you premium quality in every respect. And thanks to its robust durability, you can expect it to last a lifetime in great condition. The metal print stands as a timeless design icon.

Frequently Asked Questions about our Metal Prints

Why choose metal prints from PICANOVA?

Our metal photo prints provide exceptional performance all round. Your image is reproduced in the finest detail as a direct print on the slender aluminum panel. Meanwhile the borderless design makes for a sleek contemporary statement that will grace any modern design scheme.

How is the metal photo print produced?

The body of the metal print is a slim composite panel, consisting of two thin sheets of high-grade aluminum around a black polyethylene center. Your image is reproduced as a direct digital print on the front of the composite.

Can my metal print be framed?

PICANOVA aluminum prints were developed for frameless display. The borderless design achieves a sleek minimalist aesthetic, with the silvery edges of the metal sheets left exposed for a subtle touch of glamor.

What is the largest metal photo print available?

Our largest metal picture print is an imposing 30” x 40”. Note that the larger the print you order, the larger your digital photo image needs to be. Our automated system will offer you only the size formats which match the photo you upload, so if your desired format isn't offered, you may need to upload a larger photo.

Can I add text to my metal print?

Yes, you can! After uploading your image, you’ll arrive at our print preview page, including a preview window that shows a mock-up of the product. Click on “Add Text” and you'll be able to add text in a wide range of colors and fonts.

How do I hang my metal picture print?

PICANOVA offers a choice of 2 dedicated hanging sets which you can add to your shopping basket for a small cost: the hanger plate (designed for small or medium prints) and the aluminum backframe (designed for medium or large prints). Both are elegant hanging solutions that require only the most basic DIY skills.

How do I clean my photo printed on metal?

Simple dusting should usually suffice to keep your metal photo print in optimum condition. If your metal print gets any noticeable soiling, wipe with a lint-free cloth that's slightly damp.

Formats and Prices

8"x8" $ 55.00 $ 20.00
20"x20" $ 169.00 $ 73.00
30"x30" $ 240.00 $ 140.00
8"x12" $ 65.00 $ 30.00
12"x16" $ 75.00 $ 35.00
16"x20" $ 170.00 $ 60.00
12"x36" $ 180.00 $ 85.00
20"x24" $ 190.00 $ 87.00
20"x30" $ 210.00 $ 110.00
30"x40" $ 300.00 $ 180.00

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