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Personalized Star Map

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Personalized Star Map – Celestial Moments

Certain occasions are truly priceless. Be it a wedding celebration, a career milestone, or the arrival of a new family member, each momentous chapter in your life unfolds beneath a distinct arrangement of the stars. Our personalized star map calculates the exact celestial alignment for any place and time you choose. We then print your map as a unique wall art feature, as a touching tribute to that extra-special moment.

Personalized Star Map – Easy Design

star map
  • Enter location, date, and time to generate map
  • Select background hue and write optional dedication
  • Include constellation chart or grid system if preferred
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Personalized Star Map Print – A Truly Amazing Gift

We offer a choice of 9 unique background colors, each with its own distinct aesthetic. You can also choose to include a grid system or constellation chart in your personalized star map. And there's room for a personal dedication too. Every high-definition night sky map is printed on elegant Forex® photo board.

Consider a stylish decor frame to enhance your customized star map. Choose from 5 timeless color options and wood finishes to find the ideal complement for your map.

  • Personalized star map: four different options displayed

Simply Breathtaking: Framed Custom Star Map

Framed star map

Photo board panel printed with solvent-free inks

Matte finish for an elegant contemporary look

Premium frame available in 5 colors or wood finishes

PICANOVA personalized star map in a room PICANOVA personalized star map: black map in a room PICANOVA personalized star map: purple map in a room

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