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Custom Photo KeychainCustom Photo KeychainCustom Photo Keychain

Custom Photo Keychain

  • Personalized with your picture
  • 2” x 2” heart in acrylic glass
  • Printed on both sides
  • Touching gift for a loved one
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quality Premium print quality
ratings Excellent customer satisfaction
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Create a Personalized Keychain

Our heart-shaped personalized keychain comes printed with the photo of your choice. At a compact 2” x 2”, the heart keychain is pocket-sized, which means your precious photo will stay with you everywhere you go! Ideal as a touching gift for someone you love.

Beautiful Photo Keychain

  • Heart-shaped photo print
  • Superb photo reproduction
  • Handy 2” x 2” dimensions
  • Gleaming acrylic glass
  • Perfect Valentine’s Day gift
Custom Photo Keychain

Custom Keychains: With You Wherever You Go

Heart Keychain with Your Special Photo

“Wallet, phone, keys.” There are some things we always need by our side. And along with your keys, our personalized keychain lets you always keep one precious photo close by. With a print of your picture displayed inside heart-shaped acrylic glass, the custom keychain will make lost keys a thing of the past!

Vibrant Print Reproduction

We’ll reproduce your photo in the superb quality it deserves. Whether you choose a picture of your better half, a beloved family member, or a favorite pet, your photo will shine in vivid clarity behind crystal-clear acrylic glass. Your custom keychain features the same picture on both sides.

Customized Keychains: Built to Last

Our heart keychain is made to last a lifetime. The acrylic glass is scratch-resistant to give your special photo maximum protection. And the keyring itself is crafted in tough metal that will make sure your keys stay exactly where they need to be! These are personalized photo keychains of the very highest quality.

Personalized Key Chain: Perfect as a Photo Gift

With its 2” x 2” dimensions, the custom keychain is big enough to show off your photo in fine style, but small enough to fit neatly in your pocket or purse. You can buy a custom key chain for yourself, or as a beautiful gift for someone you love – it’s ideal for Valentine’s Day, as well as other special occasions like Mother’s Day.

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