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Snow Globe
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4'' x 6''
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Snow Globe Picture Frame

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Introducing our Snow Globe Picture Frame

  • Snow picture frame: complete view
  • Snow picture frame: detailed view
  • Snow picture frame: in-room view

Give your photo the glamor treatment with our premium acrylic glass glitter frame. Simply give the frame a gentle shake and watch as your photo is enveloped by sparkling, dancing confetti! If you fancy a fresh look, you can replace the picture with another 4” x 6” print any time. Caution: Not intended for use as a toy.

Snow Globe Picture Frame

  • Print on premium photo paper
  • 1” thick acrylic glass block
  • Shaker frame with “snow globe” effect
  • Glitter available in 4 versions
  • You can replace your photo for a fresh look

Snow Globe Picture Frame

You've got five different glitter options to choose from to swirl around your photo!

  • US Flag
    Give your photo a patriotic twist with a shake of red, white, and blue!

  • Hearts
    For photos of those precious loved ones who mean the most.

  • Glitter
    If you’re looking for sheer glamor, nothing beats sparkly classic glitter!

  • Rose Gold
    Our golden glitter comes in a beautiful spectrum of rosy hues.

  • Snow
    For the classic “snow globe” effect. One shake produces a mini winter wonderland!

    • Shaker Frame
    • Shaker Frame
    • Shaker Frame
    • Shaker Frame
    • Shaker Frame

    Snow Globe Picture Frame: Simply Captivating

    Photo Print Can Be Replaced Anytime

    Want to display a new picture in your snow globe photo frame? Nothing could be easier – just swap the 4” x 6” photo with another of your choice. Our glitter frame is a self-standing item that can be displayed upright or sideways. Prepare to transform your home decor, as our snow globe picture frames are a true game-changer!

    Snow Globe Photo Frame with 4 Glitter Options

    Get enchanted by our snow globe picture frame, available in 4 versions. Each one has its unique charm, whether it's the opulent allure of Rose Gold or the shimmering elegance of silver Glitter. For a touch of patriotism, explore the US Flag option, or express heartfelt emotions with the captivating Hearts design (ideal for Valentine’s Day gifts!)

    PICANOVA Quality for Snow Globe Picture Frames

    We print your image on lab-grade photo paper. Expect nothing less than impeccably sharp details and vibrant, true-to-life colors. As the glitter begins its mesmerizing dance within your snow globe picture frame, prepare to see your photo in an entirely new light!

    Elevate Your Photo: Snow Globe Picture Frame

    Seeking a touch of glamor in your photo displays? Our glitter picture frames introduce a mesmerizing "snow globe" element to photo printing. Your treasured image is reproduced as a beautiful 6” x 4” photograph, then elegantly displayed within a pristine acrylic glass frame. And with a gentle shake, the enchanting magic begins!

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