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Tabletop Print

  • Desk photo with its own stand
  • Adjustable easel back
  • Available in 3 formats
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quality Premium print quality
ratings Excellent customer satisfaction
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What is our Tabletop Print?

Our Tabletop Print is a beautiful reproduction of your picture with a built-in stand! The adjustable easel back lets you stand your photo on any level surface – it’s a quick and easy decor solution at home or the office. With its stripped-back design, the desk photo lets the famous PICANOVA.COM print performance speak for itself.

Desk Photo with Your Image

  • Free-standing print on wood panel
  • 5” x 7”, 6” x 6”, or 8” x 10” print
  • Elegant gloss finish
  • Full-area borderless image
  • Print stands on any of its edges

Desk Photo: Home Decor Made Easy

Desk Photos with Contemporary Design

Your photo is printed on a slim but sturdy wooden board and has a gloss finish. The desk photo comes with no border for a contemporary look, and the sides of the tabletop print are finished in elegant matte black. You can choose a landscape or portrait orientation – the easel back will attach to any of the 4 edges.

Tabletop Print at an Amazing Price

Our tabletop photos make home decoration easy. Whether it’s a photo of that idyllic holiday for the mantelpiece, or a beautiful family portrait for your office desk, your print arrives at your door ready to display. And thanks to our amazing PICANOVA.COM prices, the desk photo makes the perfect affordable gift too!

Free-Standing Tabletop Print

Our desk photo is a tabletop print reproduction with an easel back. Your image is printed on a slim but sturdy fiberboard panel which comes ready to display – just prop it up on any flat surface! Available in 3 formats, with the tabletop print you can give your cherished photo image pride of place.

Superb Photo Reproduction

The desk photo lets our exceptional print quality do the talking. It’s printed with a cutting-edge “heat sublimation” technique to get the best possible reproduction of your precious image. With crisp lines and rich colors, the desktop photo will bring out image details you never even noticed before!

Ratings and Reviews

2024-07-23. Together with a rating of 4.6 stars out of the available 5, Picanova.com has an excellent satisfaction rate of 91% out of the maximum 100% from visitors of the site, based on 339 reviews collected by Review Centre. Design your Tabletop Picture Frames now!

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