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Create your very own masterpiece

Personalized 20x16 Canvas
  • $25.00 for a 20" x 16" Personalized Canvas Print
  • The Perfect Valentine's Day Gift
  • Free Shipping
  • Always the Highest Quality
Must redeem by 2/3/14 for Valentine's Day delivery.



What size photo should I upload?

We work with photos of all sizes but for us to print your 20x16" canvas with the best results we recommend that you upload a digital photo with the minimum dimensions of 765 x 610 pixels.

If you need to edit your photo, we recommend using! Please edit your photos to be print-ready before uploading them.

How do I know what the dimensions of my photo are?

Find out the dimensions of your picture using the following steps -

On a PC:
  1. Right-click on the image file
  2. Select "Properties"
  3. Click on the tab "Details"
  4. Check "Dimensions"
On a Mac:
  1. Hold "Control" and click on the image file
  2. Select "Get Info"
  3. Look under "More Info"
  4. Check "Dimensions"

Can I use a photo from my cell phone?

Photos taken from a cell phone are generally not of high enough quality to enlarge on a canvas, but there are some exceptions! We know that there are some great cameras on phones these days. Just make sure the dimensions are of a minimum 765 x 610 pixels. If your phone prompts you to choose the image size, please choose the largest option available!

Can I mail in my photo?

Sorry, we do not accept mail-in photos. We accept your digital files – for the best resolution and quality, upload your picture in the JPG file format.

Is 20x16" the same as 16x20"?

Yes! 20x16" and 16x20" are the same format.

Although our preview only shows the image in landscape, it works the same way whether you'd like a canvas in the portrait or landscape format – just make sure all the important details of your photo fits within the edges of the preview. You can hang your canvas print in the portrait format when you get it. :)

Can I get a canvas print of a different size instead?

The 20x16" is the only size valid for the Groupon deal. Your Groupon voucher code cannot be redeemed on any other size.

I purchased 2 Groupon voucher codes. May I redeem both vouchers in a single order?

No, you must go through the upload and ordering process for each voucher code! You may redeem only one voucher code each time.

Which payment options are available?

If you're using the Groupon Voucher, no payment information is required. Please select the option "NO PAYMENT INFORMATION REQUIRED" during Step 6 of the order process.

Delivery and Exchanges

When will I receive my canvas?

All orders are processed within 24 hours! With our standard shipping option, you can expect to receive your canvas prints within 5-10 days.

How much is shipping?

Shipping is FREE with this Groupon deal!

How can I check on the delivery status of my canvas?

Check on the current shipping status of your canvas at any time at: Simply enter in the "Tracking" field the UPS tracking number you received in your shipping notification.

What should I do if my canvas has been damaged in transit?

We secure all our packages with the best care. If your photo canvas has been damaged in transit in spite of this, we ask that you kindly document the damage with a digital camera and contact within a few days of receiving it. Please let us know as soon as possible so that we can replace the damaged canvas in a timely fashion.

My canvas print isn't as tight as I would like it to be. Is there a way to fix this?

Yes! This is simply caused by the difference in climate between Miami and the other areas of the US. Usually, it will take several days for your canvas to adjust to your environment. If after 3-5 days, the tension of your canvas is still not up to your expectations, then we have some instructions below to "take out" some of the free play that your canvas has.

  1. Take a damp cloth or rag and wipe the entire unprinted side of the canvas so that it is moderately damp to the touch. Too much water use could damage the canvas or cause the ink to run.
  2. Allow the canvas to dry and naturally tighten for 30 minutes.
  3. Place the canvas in your desired location and wait for 5-10 days while it readjusts to your surroundings.

If you are still not satisfied with the tension of your canvas, please contact customer support at: and we will replace it with a new canvas.